We are a Purchase House for gold in Cameroon and CEMAC Zone which means we have the permit to buy gold and other precious stones like Diamond legally in Cameroon and The CEMAC member countries like the Central African Republic. We can also help buyers transport the gold to any part of the world.

Gold Prices

We work directly with other miners and mine with the need arises. We can supply 100KG - 200KG a month or more depending on the season and purchase price per gram/kilogram of the buyer (The higher the purchase price, the more we attract miners to sell huge quantities to us)

It is good to note that That Gold minded is Cameroon is mostly 22 carats -97% purity, so 24 carats-98%-99.99% purity can be obtained from Central African Republic. You are in luck here because we have the permit to do so on your behalf.

It is also good to note that we charge 3% of the total purchase price as commission plus you take care of our transportation and living expenses while in the mining zone because we can be there for months and if not years while buying on your behalf.  We can assure you we do not take our job lightly and you will be a happy buyer at the end of the day.

We can brings samples for both gold and diamond directly to you (you send us invitation for visa and take care of our flight and accommodation) or you can visit us to build trust before we proceed further.

If you are also interested or have buyers for Diamond, we can be of great assistance to you.

Thank you for your time and do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

-22 Carat Gold :


  Price- $32,000USD / KG

-24 Carat Gold :

  Purity- 98%,99.99%

  Price- $39,000USD / KG

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