Common names

Akume, Bubinga, Kevazingo

Scientific Name

Guibourtia demeuseii





Bubinga is medium red-brown with lighter red to purple veining. The grain is straight or interlocked. In some logs the grain is very irregular and these are converted by peeling into rotary cut veneers called kevasingo. The texture is moderately coarse but even. Colour does darken with age. It is often referred to as an African rosewood, although technically NOT from the rosewood family. The wood is lustrous and scented when freshly cut.


(H=12%) : 0,92


Not permeable


The timber dries easily except for gum exudation, with and high risk of distortion.



Poorly stable


Durable to very durable. Bubinga is also reported to be resistant to termite and marine borer attack.



The wood is fairly easy to saw and work with both machine and hand tools, and it planes to a good finish. It polishes well and varnishes satisfactorily. It holds nails well and has good gluing properties. Good-quality veneer can be produced by slicing.


  • Cabinetwork (high class furniture)

  • Sliced veneer

  • Interior panelling

  • Flooring

  • Stairs (inside)

  • Turned goods


  • Current furniture or furniture components

  • Interior joinery Seats

  • Exterior joinery

  • Sleepers

  • Heavy carpentry

  • Vehicle or container flooring

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