Common names

Bosse, Black Guarea, Guarea

Scientific Name

Guarea cedrata, Guarea laurenti





Heartwood initially a pale pinkish brown, darkening with age to a more golden to medium brown. Pale yellowish sapwood is well defined. Can be highly figured, with grain patterns such as pommele being sought after in veneer form. Grain can be straight, interlocked, wavy, or anything in between. (Veneer sheets also exhibit a wide range of grain patterns.) Texture is medium to fine, with a good natural luster. The wood sometimes shows a mottled or curly figure, and has a cedar-like smell when fresh. It may have a gummy exudate.


(H=12%) : 0,60


Not permeable


It generally air dries fairly easily with little degrade, and has little tendency to warping or splitting during kiln drying.



Very stable


Heartwood ranges from moderately durable to very durable regarding decay resistance. Bosse also has fair resistance against insect attacks and has good weathering characteristics.



Il se scie et se travaille assez facilement, mais la silice qu'il contient (jusqu'à 1,0%) tend à émousser modérément le tranchant des lames de coupe. Au fini, on peut obtenir une surface lisse mais une légère tendance au peluchage peut se manifester au rabotage sur quartier, et de la gomme peut apparaître. Le bois supporte bien le clouage et le vissage, mais peut se fendre au clouage. Il se colle de façon satisfaisante, sauf en présence de gomme, et le recours à un apprêt est alors recommandé pour la teinture et le polissage.


  • Exterior joinery

  • Interior joinery

  • Interior panelling

  • Exterior panelling

  • Ship building (planking and deck)

  • Sliced veneer

  • Cabinetwork (high class furniture)


  • Current furniture or furniture components

  • Boites à cigares

  • Veneer for interior of plywood

  • Veneer for back or face of plywood

  • Volets roulants

  • Flooring

  • Light carpentry

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